Mexican Black Bean Soup (Vegan / Dairy-free)

The black bean (aka ‘turtle’ bean), is a small, shiny bean that’s highly popular in Latin American cuisine. Here in the UK, though, this little bean tends to get neglected in favour of its big red brother, the kidney bean. It’s a shame because its flavour and texture is way superior to its big brother (in my opinion!) For me, the black bean has a beautiful smoky flavour and ‘meaty’ texture that makes it the perfect bean to add to our home-cooked Latin American dishes.

I think it’s high time we gave this fantastic bean the recognition it deserves!

One of my favourite ways of serving black beans is in a richly flavoured soup. For children, the soup can easily be blended to produce a smoother soup.

For lunch or a light dinner, we like to serve this soup with a couple of segments of toasted wholegrain tortilla.  For a main dinner, we love a slice or two of freshly baked cornbread.





Do you cook with black beans? If so, what’s your favourite recipes? If you’ve published any recipes online, do post the links below x



8 thoughts on “Mexican Black Bean Soup (Vegan / Dairy-free)

  1. Black beans are my favorite bean of all! And this soup? Contains all of my favorite things–perfection in a pot! I can’t wait to try it–we’ve been having the perfect weather for soup. Rainy and cold today especially while out in it watching two soccer games. Brrr. My favorite recipes using black beans are chili (of course!) and tomorrow I am making black bean hummus for our pumpkin carving party. 🙂

    1. It’s definitely soup AND chili weather at the moment!
      I hope you had a wonderful time last night. It’s your favourite night of the year right? Mine’s Guy Fawkes night (5th November) so not long for me to wait now! I just adore the night sky lit up with fireworks in all directions. It’s beautiful! 🙂

  2. Black Beans get my vote! Never knew they’re also called Turtle Beans. It’s not like they’ve got flippers and a half-shell. Cowabunga!

    1. I have absolutely no idea why they’re called Turtle Beans. You’ve got me wondering now. I’m going to have to Google it. I’ll let you know what I find out x

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