Stuff I’m Loving Spring 2014

This feature is usually dedicated to new-to-me products but, this time round, I thought I’d throw in one of my old favourites too. We can’t neglect the oldies can we? Let’s kick off with the new…

1.   Meridian Natural Nut Butters
Ever since we first tried these nut butters, the family has been hooked on them. They contain no added sugar or oil yet, in our opinion, they taste far superior to those with added ingredients. Our pantry is stocked with four Meridian butters – peanut, almond, cashew and hazelnut. They all have different tastes and textures, and are delicious in their own way! I’ve been buying 1kg tubs of the peanut butter and need to start doing the same for the almond butter, as we get through it so quick! We spread it on toast and use it for stir fry sauces, dips and dressings. Lil’ L will even eat apple slices less begrudgingly if he can dip them in almond butter 😉

Meridian Nut Butters

2.   Perry Court Farm Apple Crisps
I first came into contact with Perry Court Farm  and their scrummy fruit crisps through The Vegan Kind Subscription Box. There are two apple varieties to choose from – ‘Sweet’ Cox Orange Pippin or ‘Tangy’ Bramley. They’re air dried to retain all the goodness and flavour of the fruit, and the only ingredient they contain is apples! They make a wonderful, healthy snack and a great treat for  lunchboxes.

Perry Court Farm Apple Crisps

3.   Sweet Freedom Choc Shot
I was over the moon to find Choc Shot in February’s The Vegan Kind Box as I’d been wanting to try it for ages! It contains all natural ingredients, is free from cane sugar, has a low glycaemic load (GL) and is suitable for vegans and diabetics. It’s great for drizzling on pancakes, waffles, ice cream and for making milkshakes and hot chocolate. Sadly I reached the end of my bottle today after making Lil’ L and his friend a hot chocolate. Not a single drop was wasted though as I thoroughly scraped out the bottle with a latte spoon. Some of it may have accidentally found its way straight into my mouth 😉 Will definitely be adding Choc Shot to future grocery shops.

Choc Shot

4.  Olives et al Egyptian Spiced Dukkah
Dukkah is one of my all-time favourite spice mixes, and I’m really enjoying the Olives et Al Egyptian Spiced Dukkah.  It’s warming and aromatic yet mild, so perfect for those that can’t handle too much heat (like me!)  Lately I’ve been adding it into flat breads and hummus, as well as making lots of batches of Dukkah spiced roasted chick peas. I haven’t actually tried eating it the traditional way yet, which is to dip bread in oil then into a plate of Dukkah. I’m very much looking forward to trying it though!

Olives et al Spiced Dukkah

5.   Marigold Engevita Nutritional Yeast Flakes with B12
And finally, here’s an old favourite. I didn’t realise how hooked I was on nutritional yeast (aka ‘nooch’) until we run out earlier this week and, shock horror, the local health food store was out of stock too! I felt totally lost without it! If you haven’t come across it before, nooch is a nutritionally-rich savoury condiment made of deactivated yeast. It has a cheesy, nutty flavour which makes it a great vegetarian/vegan substitute for parmesan. We love ‘cashew’ parmesan which we make by grinding ¼ cup cashews with 3 TBSP nutritional yeast. I also use nooch for making pestos, tofu ricotta, scrambled tofu and many more dishes. Rather than be caught out again, I’ve bulk ordered from Amazon and it’s already arrived. As of tonight, Italian is back on the menu! 😀

Engevita Nutritional Yeast Flakes 300

So those are five products I’m currently loving. How about you? Have you tried any new products lately that you’d recommend?



I’ve previously received some sample products but, as always, all views expressed are my own. This post contains an affiliate link to Amazon. If you click on it and purchase something, I will receive a small commission which will be used to further develop Bit of the Good Stuff.
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10 thoughts on “Stuff I’m Loving Spring 2014

  1. The B12 yeast flakes are a staple in my house- love them; we bulk order from Suma Wholefoods. Also love apple crisps- have you tried them with parsnip soup?- Heaven! I really like the look of the dukkah- thanks for sharing that 🙂

    1. I’ve tried grated apple in parsnip soup but not apple crisps! I bet they make a fantastic crunchy topping! Thanks for the tip. I can’t wait to give it a try 😀
      Have a wonderful weekend Sarojini ♥ xx

  2. I tried leaving a comment yesterday but I just got an error so I’m back!! These are great products Sharon, I must buy some Spiced Dukkah!

    I LOVE Meridian almond butter, it’s awesome and I’ve tried the apple crisps before when I bought some in London for my son – one of the very few off the shelf things he can eat!

    My choc shot bottle is still in the cupboard waiting to be opened when I buy some booja booja ice cream – I’m going to have to go into Leeds for it and I rarely make the journey now.

    1. Hi Vicky! Thank you for trying again… I think there was a problem with my host yesterday as emails didn’t come through either :/ Wow you have been showing will power with that bottle of Choc Shot! Please do read Hannah’s tip that she left in my comments section about how to get the last drops out the bottle as loads seems to get left stuck inside! We’ve really enjoyed the Choc Shot on pancakes and for making hot chocolates. HOWEVER, more than anything I would LOVE to try it on Booja Booja ice cream. I haven’t even tasted this glorious ice cream yet due to the cost but I’m definitely going to treat myself for my birthday in June 😉

  3. I am obsessed with meridian nut butters. Obsessed. I love the almond one more than any other almond butter on the market because I feel that the fact they roast them before grinding them makes the whole product taste so much better!
    A little secret: When I reach the end of a bottle of choc shot, I unscrew the cap, pour in hot almond milk, recap, shake and then empty the contents into a mug. That ensures that my hot chocolate uses up every single last drop 😀

    1. Total obsession with Meridian nut butters and not wanting to waste a single drop of Choc Shot… wow you are seriously a girl after my own heart lol! ♥ Thank you SO much for your tip… I never thought of adding hot water. I was gutted when I saw how much choc shot gets left in the pot. I managed to scrape out a fair bit with the latte spoon but there’s still lots left in the nooks and crannies. I was even thinking of cutting it open lol!

  4. Definitely agree with you on these picks. I keep eyeing up that Choc Shot but haven’t bought it…yet! I’m envisaging a decadent milkshake with a generous swirl 😀

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