Chocolate Orange Chia Pudding

I first shared a recipe for chocolate orange chia pudding back in February 2012 and, to this day, it remains one of my family’s favourite desserts. It’s such a simple pudding to make and, since I originally posted the recipe, I’ve refined the method so that it’s even quicker. Honestly, this recipe could not be more easy! The original photo I took doesn’t do this pudding justice, so I thought it was time for a re-post with the updated recipe and some shiny new photos.

Chocolate Orange Chia Pudding

Since that original post, chia seeds have become much more popular here in the UK. You can buy them in health food shops, and even supermarkets have started stocking them. I find they can vary a lot in price, so I always shop around for the best deal. Since I use them frequently in smoothies and puddings, I’ve been buying larger bags lately, which tend to work out much better value.

Chia Seeds

So why do I love chia seeds so much?

Well, there are two main reasons. The first is their amazing nutritional profile. Chia seeds are very high in dietary fibre, a good source of ‘complete’ protein, and rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids. They’re also hydrophilic and can absorb around 10 times their weight in water, thus helping to keep us nicely hydrated. Their fibre, fat and protein content, along with these hydrophilic abilities, means that the seeds are a great source of slow release energy, they help to balance blood sugar levels, and they keep us feeling full up for hours. Adding a spoonful to smoothies is a great way to keep hunger pangs at bay.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds contain a range of trace minerals, and are especially rich in manganese, phosphorus and calcium, which are all important for good bone health. A 28g / 1 oz serving provides 30% of the manganese RDA, 27% of phosphorus, and 18% of the calcium RDA. The seeds also contain a multitude of antioxidants, including the flavonoid quercetin, which has anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties.

The second reason I love chia so much is that they make the most incredible chocolate puddings! Once blended with some cacao or cocoa powder and a little liquid, they transform into a delicious, silky smooth pudding that will easily rival any shop-bought chocolate dessert. And unlike the shop-bought varieties that tend to be laden with sugar and little nutritional value, these chia puddings are refined sugar free and packed with nutrition.

Chia Seeds

I used to soak the chia seeds in liquid for an hour or so until they’d transformed into a gel-like substance before blending them up, but these days I literally throw all the ingredients straight in the blender. High speed blenders are best for this job as they’ll blend the seeds smooth in a matter of seconds. Since I’ve had the Froothie power blender, making chia puddings has been a breeze.

Lil’ L absolutely loves these puddings and sees them as a real treat. It’s great to be able to treat him to something that’s so nutritionally packed and full of healthy goodness.


Serves 4
Hands-on time: 10 minutes   Ready in: 10 minutes

80ml / ⅓ cup freshly squeezed orange juice (1-2 juicy oranges)
300ml / 1¼ cups non dairy milk
64g / 6 TBSP chia seeds
30g / 4 TBSP cacao powder (or regular cocoa powder)
4 soft pitted dates (e.g. Medjool)
½ tsp orange extract
Maple syrup (or agave syrup), to taste

Suggested garnish
Dark chocolate, finely chopped or grated
Orange zest

Place the orange juice and milk in a high speed power blender, followed by the remaining ingredients. Give them a stir until they are coated in liquid, then blend until silky smooth. Stop now and then to scrape down the sides. Taste test and add a touch more orange extract or sweetener, if desired.

Pour into small ramekins or cups, sprinkle on the garnish and chill until ready to serve. It will keep for up to five days in the refrigerator.


Chocolate Orange Chia Pudding

Have you tried chia puddings before? If so, what’s your favourite flavour combo? If you’ve posted any recipes or pics, please do share the links below x

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18 thoughts on “Chocolate Orange Chia Pudding

  1. not made chia puddings, but I love having them in my smoothies.

    Only downside, you have to drink it fairly quickly, otherwise you end up needing a spoon!

    The main reason I started adding them was to get more protein into my morning drink, otherwise I am hungry very quickly. Since I have added this and spirulina to my smoothie I am genuinley full till lunch. If I am ridiculously busy (which I am trying not to be) I can just have a handful of nuts to keep me going till about 3pm when I can eat a healthy meal.

    1. Jen, you must try this pudding. It’s so yummy! In fact, even though it sounds a bit decadent, you could definitely have it for breakfast as it’s full of healthy ingredients. I’d probably add a sprinkling of nuts or pumpkin seeds on top for extra iron and the vitamin C in the orange will aid absorption. It’s really filling so you only need a small portion 🙂 If you try it, let me know what you think x

        1. Oh yes, I highly recommend chocolate for breakfast. Think of all those extra minerals and ‘feel good’ chemicals… especially if you use cacao powder 😉 One of my favourite breakfasts at the mo is chocolate porridge… I just add 1 TBSP of cocoa / cacao to my porridge and it tastes so decadent!

  2. I’ve made the occasional chia seed pudding – the gulginess isn’t really my thing. But since choc orange is my favourite flavour combo I’ll be making this for sure 🙂
    Chia seeds sure have become hugely popular lately – making their cost go up heaps lol

    1. Ha ha gulginess! What an awesome word! I’ve never heard it before but I’m guessing it something like ‘gloopiness’. By using dates instead of liquid sweetener, this pudding turns out a lot firmer and less gloopy than other chia puddings I’ve made. I find it’s firm enough to eat straight from the blender, though chilling it will definitely firm it up more (and get rid of any gulginess 😉 ) x

  3. I have been surprised that white chia seeds aren’t so common here – not sure if it is just my shops but I notice your photos have the darker ones too. It makes no difference to taste, it’s just funny how countries differ in these things 🙂 On more important matters – your puddings sound just as good, if not better, than the first ones you shared! I love that this is a quick recipe too.

    1. Thanks Kari for your sweet comments! My photography still isn’t great but at least there’s been some improvement over the years! One day I’d love to do a course and learn how to use my camera properly!
      It is funny how the chia seeds differ from one country to the next. Mine seem to be a mix – mostly dark but some white ones too.

    1. No, I haven’t tried Dreena’s Choc Orange Pudding but your photographs make it look so scrumptious that I really want to now! I’ve made choc mousse with avocado a couple of times in the past but even though I love avocado, I can detect it in the puddings and it’s a bit off putting. Maybe the choc orange flavour will disguise it? Definitely worth a try x

  4. Tis the season for the chocolate-orange combo. I used to love Terry’s chocolate oranges- partly for the taste, partly for the fact that you get to smash them on the table- but anyways, chocolate and orange is such a great combination. I have been obsessed with chia seeds for a couple years now! I just got home from New Zealand today and I’m dying to use my vitamix again (I missed it way too much!) I’m thinking pudding is on the menu tomorrow!!! 😉

    1. I loved those Terry’s Chocolate Oranges too! My favourite thing about them was that gorgeous smell that wafted out as you opened the wrapper and smashed it. Wish they’d bring about a vegan version!

  5. Just invested in some chia seeds for the first time and was looking for recipes. I came across yours and look forward to trying. FYI if you have any indian shops near you, I recommend looking in them for chia seeds as we bought a bag of 250g I think for around £1.50. The brand is Natco, in fact I just checked their website and you can order online for £1.10 per bag. works out well if you buy in bulk (as they add on delivery).

    1. Hi Smiti! Thank you so much for sharing your tip about the Indian stores! I know the brand Natco but I didn’t realise that they sold chia seeds. £1.50 for 25og is a great price! I hope you enjoy these chia puddings as much as we do. We love adding chia to smoothies too as it makes them creamy and filling 🙂

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