How To Roast Broccoli from Frozen

Hi everyone! In today’s post, I’m sharing a quick guide on how you can make the most delicious roasted broccoli from a bag of frozen florets. It’s tender, crisp round the edges and has a beautiful flavour, which is intensified with the lightest sprinkling of salt. 

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Sweet Miso Brussels Sprout Hash with Pecans and Pomegranate

Have you ever tried thinly slicing Brussels sprouts and pan-frying them? They take on this amazing nutty taste and aroma that sets them worlds apart from stinky boiled or steamed sprouts. I’m pretty confident that a pan-fried sprout ‘hash’ could win over the most avid of Brussels sprout haters in your family. It won over mine!

Sweet Miso Brussels Sprout Hash with Pecans and Pomegranate

While I’ve always been a Brussels sprout lover, Lil’ L didn’t share my enthusiasm for this cute little brassica. Every year I’d optimistically add a couple to his Christmas dinner plate. He’d work his round the whole plate, eating every morsel in sight… except those sprouts!

I was determined to find a way to convert our sprout hater and, earlier this year, I hit jackpot when I made a Brussels sprouts ‘hash’ by shredding and pan frying them with balsamic red onions and pecans.

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