The Vegan Kind Monthly Lifestyle Subscription Box

There is one package above all others that I look forward to receiving in the post, and that’s TheVeganKind Box It’s really exciting to receive a box of surprise goodies each month! Lil’ L loves joining me in the ‘big reveal’ as we slowly lift the lid and take a peek inside.

The Vegan Kind Subscription Box

However, more importantly, for people (like me) on a quest to live a planet-friendly, cruelty-free life, TheVeganKind provides a valuable service. Every month, they send a box with 5-8 products to try, all of which have been painstakingly researched to ensure they are green, cruelty-free, and vegan. As well as new snacks and treats, the boxes supply recipe ingredients, household products, toiletries and beauty items.

Here’s a sneaky peak inside this month’s box…

The Vegan Kind TVK5

Greenfrog Natural Washing Up Liquid, SAF Express Raw Coconut Cookies, Flavour Magic Harrisa Powder,  Onthepulse Hot Chick Spicy Roasted Chickpeas and Pulsin Raw Choc Brownie.

A colourful leaflet details each product and the business behind it. While I’ve heard of some before, many are new to me. I’ve really enjoyed connecting with them on Twitter and Facebook and giving feedback on their products 😀

Each month, there’s also a collectable laminated recipe card. This month, the recipe was for lentil burgers and sweet potato harissa fries, which sound lush! In your third box, you receive a free ring binder for storing the recipe cards in.

The Vegan Kind Recipe Binder

If you’re interested in trying the subscription box yourself, you can find out more details here. The box costs £10 per month (plus £2.95 delivery) with 10p from the sale of each box donated to a charity selected by TheVeganKind Facebook followers. So far, the supported charities have included Farplace Animal Rescue, Greyhound Gap, Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, Society for Abandoned Animals and Cat Cuddles Sanctuary.

You can also connect with TheVeganKind on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They’ve only been in business a few months, but already have thousands of followers! I love the sense of community that’s building up via their social media pages. I’ve connected with so many fab, friendly, supportive people over there!

And finally, I must point out that this box isn’t just for vegans. Regardless of your dietary choices, it you’re interested in planet-friendly and cruelty-free products, then this box is for you!


Do you subscribe to monthly boxes? If so, which ones and would you recommend them?

9 thoughts on “The Vegan Kind Monthly Lifestyle Subscription Box

  1. Great review Sharon! I love the box this month. I know it sounds silly but the washing up liquid is awesome for me, I use ecover and have been wanting to try out a different one for ages. I will try one of the coconut cookies tonight – don’t they look lush!

    1. TVK5 was a great box wasn’t it? Lil’ L and I shared those coconut cookies for our ‘dessert treats’ this week. They’re much harder and crunchier than I expected (the package says they’re chewy!) but we still enjoyed them 🙂

    1. Subscription boxes are hugely popular over here. I especially love this vegan one. If you don’t have anything similar in Oz you should definitely set one up! 😉

    1. I love roasted chickpeas too… both the home-baked ones (I’m totally addicted to those at the mo!) and the dry roasted ones. My first experience of them was in Turkey. I loved them so much & munched my way through so many bags that I wish I could have brought one of the dry roasting machines home with me. They’re so cool!
      I don’t know if all the Saf cookies are the same, but these ones were rock hard. Really hard to bite into, but tasty none the less.

  2. So lovely to know that there are other vegan subscription boxes out there besides VeganCuts! I love the name, TheVeganKind! Thank you for sharing the review! I’m not a current monthly box subscriber at the moment since I am not usually home all the time! I really like VeganCuts for vegan snack box and Petit Vour for vegan beauty box.

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