Dairy-Free / Vegan Easter Eggs – Top Picks for 2015

With just over a week until Easter, our minds have been on all things egg and bunny shaped, and preferably made of chocolate. We’ve been scouting the shops and online stores, checking out what’s on offer for vegans and the dairy free. Every year, the selection gets bigger and bigger. I remember not so long ago that it was impossible to find a dairy-free egg (even the dark chocolate eggs contained dairy :/). This year, whether you’re a milk, white or dark chocolate lover, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our top picks for 2015.

Milk Chocolate Lovers text



Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Eggs 2015

1. Moo Free Organic Dairy-Free Milk Chocolate Bunnycomb Egg 100g (Vegan Town, Animal Aid, Viva!)

2. Moo Free Organic Dairy-Free Milk Chocolate Egg 100g (Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, Ocado)

3. Moo Free Organic Dairy-Free Milk Chocolate Cheeky Orange Egg 100g (Animal Aid, Viva!)

4. Plamil Organic Dairy-Free Milk Chocolate Egg 85g (Holland & Barrett, Vegan Town)

5. Choices Dairy-Free Easter Egg & 6 Choc Discs 125g (Holland & Barrett)

6. Choices Dairy-Free Caramel Flavoured Egg with 3 Caramel Chocolates 120g (Holland & Barrett)

7. Vantastic Large Vegan Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny 100g (Vegan Town)

Guaranteed dairy-free: Moo Free, Plamil

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White Chocolate Easter Treats 2015

1. Vantastic Large White Chocolate Bunny 100g (Viva!)

2. Zotter Mi-Xing White Easter Egg 100g (Viva!)

3. Choices Dairy Free White Chocolate Egg & Buttons 65g (Holland & Barrett)

4. Choices Dairy Free White Chocolate Bunny Bar 40g (Holland & Barrett, Sainsbury’s)

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Dark Chocolate Easter Treats 2015

1. Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate Chunky Button Egg 250g (Ocado)

2. Cocoa Loco Dark Chocolate & Ginger Easter Egg 225g (Cocoa Loco)

3. Divine Luxury Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with 100g Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar (Waitrose, Ocado, Animal Aid)

4. Hotel Chocolat Dark Egglets 110g (Hotel Chocolat)

5. Hotel Chocolat Dark City Bunnies 90g (Hotel Chocolat)

6. Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs with Almond Praline 150g (Montezuma’s, Ocado, Animal Aid)

Hotel Chocolat Milk-Free Milk Chocolate – NEW for 2015!
As soon as I heard that Hotel Chocolat had launched a range of milk-free milk chocolate, I headed straight to our store in Bath to check it out. It didn’t taste quite as I expected… it’s got that quality cocoa flavour that we know and love about Hotel Chocolat, but it didn’t have the creaminess (or sugary sweetness) that we associate with dairy chocolate. When Lil’ L tried it, he said that it was more like a dark chocolate than a dairy chocolate. If you’re a milk chocolate lover, I’d recommend trying a sample before you buy to make sure it suits your tastes. I like it… but then again I’m a dark chocolate lover πŸ˜‰

Hotel Chocolat Milk-Free Milk Chocolate1. Β  Milk-Free Milk Scrambled Egg 210g

2. Milk-Free Goose Egg 130g

3. Milk-Free Milk City Bunnies 90g


What chocolatey treat would you love from the Easter Bunny this year?

12 thoughts on “Dairy-Free / Vegan Easter Eggs – Top Picks for 2015

  1. That’s a lot of Easter chocolate! I LOVE Hotel Chocolat! We tried the new milk free milk chocolate too and the feeling in our house was – why choose this rather grainy chocolate over the plain when the plain is much nicer? Apparently they couldn’t get the non-dairy milks to work so they settled for almonds. IMO it hasn’t worked.

    I love Montezuma’s chocolate too (especially the dark buttons) and their eggs are wonderful.

    I don’t really care for many of the others, none of them match the creaminess of milk chocolate however, if someone hasn’t ever tried milk chocolate then they may taste really good.

    You’re making me look forward to Easter though! I will indulge then!

  2. There were also a few things from Sjaaks on the Viva site ( peanut butter eggs, caramel eggs and bunnies with jelly sweets in ) but they may have sold out now

    1. I’ve haven’t had the opportunity to try Sjaaks chocs yet, but they sound amazing! I didn’t see them on the Viva site, so I’m guessing they sold out :/ I’ll have to make sure I get in quicker next year. My son would love the bunny filled with fruity bears πŸ™‚

    2. That’s funny… I’ve just refreshed the Viva shop page and the Sjaaks Bunny with jelly sweets has appeared! I’m might have to put another late order in πŸ˜‰

    1. I’ve got my eye on those Hotel Chocolat Egglets too. I’ve never tried them before and I LOVE praline β™₯
      Happy Vegan Easter! I hope the bunny brings you lots of scrumptious treats πŸ˜€ You deserve it xx

  3. Look at all these options! I’m a big fan of Moo Free. I normally love dark chocolate but growing up, I was obsessed with white chocolate. I haven’t had it in ages….and these dairy-free white chocolate options are just tooooo tempting!!

    1. I was obsessed with white choc as a kid too! I loved milky bars and caramac. Lil’ L has one of those white choc bunnies and I did sneakily take a bite from its legs… purely for research purposes of course πŸ˜‰ To me, it tasted just like the white chocolate I remember. Very sugary, but that’s how kids like it. Lil’ L loves the Moo Free chocs so, for Easter, I’m making him an easter treasure hunt with five Moo Free bars and an egg. I hope the easter bunny brings you something scrumptious too πŸ˜€

  4. Wow! The vegan selection gets bigger and bigger every year! I don’t usually have an Easter egg ( I eat chocolate almost every day anyway!) but it’s great to see how many options there are. Something to suit everyone.

    1. The selection does get bigger every year doesn’t it? And the trouble is, I want to try it all!!! Some of the quality brands and hand made chocs sold out so quick… I definitely need to start my Easter shopping earlier next year πŸ˜‰

  5. We have those choices ones available here too πŸ™‚ I got my hubby a white chocolate one to try.
    My favourite is the Lindt dark bunnies – they are vegan here – not sure if you have them there or not though???

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