Raspberry Muffins with Streusel Topping. Dairy Free. Egg Free. Vegan

I love this time of year when the British hedgerows and allotments are laden with berries. Whenever I’m out on a run along the river and canal paths, I can never resist pausing to grab a handful of blackberries. If you see someone running round Bath with purple stained hands, that’ll be me!

In today’ post, I’m sharing a recipe that showcases another glorious summer fruit – the raspberry


This streusel-topped raspberry muffin is a family favourite. It was inspired by a blueberry muffin recipe I came across on the Peas and Thank You blog. (This blog sadly closed down a while back… I hope Mama Pea’s okay!)

While they do contain sugar and oil (and are thus best classed as a ‘treat’ muffin rather than a breakfast / ‘eat every day’ kind of muffin), they’re not all bad. They’re made with wholegrain flour and unrefined sugar; they’re free from animal products (dairy/eggs); and they are far less calorific than the muffins on sale in coffee shops.

Raspberry Muffins with Streusel Topping

I’ve made these muffins many times over and the recipe is pretty adaptable. You can either use unrefined cane sugar or coconut sugar. Lil’ L and I prefer coconut sugar (which is less sweet and ‘sugary’), while M prefers cane sugar. He definitely has the sweet tooth in the family.

I’ve also tried wholemeal spelt flour and virgin coconut oil, which resulted in a denser, slightly nutty tasting muffin. I wasn’t mad keen on the taste and texture for a fruit muffin, but Lil’ L actually preferred it.

I guess it all comes down to personal preference and when it comes to fruit muffins, for me, light, fluffy and sweet (but not sickly sweet) will always come out on top.

Raspberry Muffins with Streusel Topping

By the way, I read a great tip on the kitchn about how to prevent all your fruit from sinking to the bottom in baked goods – toss them in a tablespoon or two of flour from the recipe’s ingredients (just enough to give them a light coating). The coating absorbs some of the juice from the fruit, helping to keep it in place until the batter has set.

I’ve also found that it helps to prevent pockets of air forming round the fruits (I guess the flour absorbs the steam from the juice too). Since raspberries are hollow, you will always have some holes in your muffins, but at least there won’t be big holes around the raspberries too.

Raspberry Muffins with Streusel Topping

Lil’ L started back at school last week and he loves taking these muffins as a ‘treat’ in his lunchbox. He’s just started his first year at senior school and seems to be settling well into his new responsibilities, which include getting himself up in the morning and fed/washed/clothed; packing his school bag with the right books; remembering PE kit; getting out the house in time for the bus; and not losing the many items he’s now solely responsible for – wallet, bus pass, dinner pass, phone (so far, so good anyway).

While he’s doing really well, I’m still in a bit of daze wondering how he could possibly be senior school age already?  The years sure do fly by….


Do you go foraging? If so, what kinds of goodies do you find growing in your area? Luckily I don’t have to go far to forage as my garden is full of wild blackberry bushes and cob nut trees. The squirrels are busy burying the nuts at the moment (all over my lawn and in the plant pots!) We also have a Bramley apple tree which is groaning under the weight of apples. We’ll be picking some this weekend and I can’t wait to bake my first Apple Crumble of the season 🙂

3 thoughts on “Raspberry Muffins with Streusel Topping. Dairy Free. Egg Free. Vegan

  1. These look so yummy! I love how adaptable the recipe is. I love trying out different versions of recipes- gluten-free, alternative sweeteners, etc. Thanks for sharing the different options you have tried, too! I love raspberries….and with a streusel topping….the best!!

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. I’ve still got lots of golden raspberries in the garden but wasn’t sure if they’d work in these muffins. Definitely going to try them now 🙂

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