Vegan All Day English Breakfast

The English are famous for their all-day breakfast fry-ups, which typically feature a whole bunch of animal products – sausages, bacon, eggs and black pudding – served alongside mushrooms, tomatoes, hash browns, baked beans and fried bread. However, just because you’re passing on eating animals, this doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this traditional English culinary experience. There are so many amazing all-day veggie breakfast options available now, and they’re often far more creative and colourful (and healthy!) than the meat version.

Today I’m sharing a recipe for a delicious vegan cooked breakfast that, as the title suggests, is suitable for serving any time of day. We’ve been enjoying it as an evening meal, but it’s equally perfect as a weekend breakfast, brunch or lunch.

The all-day breakfast recipe that I’m sharing was inspired by Gaz Oakley’s (Avant-Garde Vegan) and Linda McCartney Foods  ‘The Morning Avo’ Breakfast Recipe’ which featured in the October edition of the Vegan Life magazine.

We took some of the key components of this recipe – vegan sausages…

scrambled tofu (to which I added onion, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and soy sauce to ramp up the flavour) ….

avocado and toasted wholemeal English muffins.

Then we added slices of balsamic-glazed roasted portobello mushrooms…

and baked beans 😋

Since my son isn’t a fan of fresh tomatoes, I added some sun-dried tomatoes into the scrambled tofu instead. This worked a treat!

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4 thoughts on “Vegan All Day English Breakfast

  1. This really sounds like my kind of breakfast. I have been wanting to try Linda McCartney’s products ever since I heard of them several years ago. Hope they arrive in the states really soon.

  2. I’m not keen on tofu scramble but I will happily tuck into the rest. We tend to serve tattie scones instead of muffins, but i’d not say no 🙂

    We occasionally have this for dinner too.

    Shared !

  3. Made the vegan all day breakfast as my daughter is now a vegan. As a confirmed meat eater I’d definitely have it again. Very tasty thank you for the recipe

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