Chocolate Waffles with Crushed Nuts and Raspberries. Dairy free. Egg free. Vegan.

When it comes to weekend treat breakfasts, waffles are a firm family favourite. They are so easy to make and take very little time to prepare. We love experimenting with different ingredients and flavour combinations. I’ve already posted recipes for our Easy Vegan Waffles and Gingerbread Waffles and today, we’re sharing the recipe for our quick and easy Chocolate Waffles.

Chocolate Waffles with Crushed Nuts and Raspberries

These waffles have a decadent dark chocolate flavour, which works in perfect harmony with the nutty, berry toppings.

Chocolate Waffles

Our favourite way to dress up these waffles is with a sprinkling of crunchy crushed walnuts and toasted flaked almonds,

Chocolate Waffles

followed by a sprinkling of crushed raspberries. I use frozen raspberries as they easily crumble in your hands plus, as they melt, they soften and release their juices, becoming similar to a compote in consistency.

We then top them off with the obligatory drizzle of maple syrup. So delicious!

Chocolate Waffles with Crushed Nuts and Raspberries


These easy vegan chocolate waffles make a delicious weekend breakfast or after school treat. Since we love drizzling maple syrup all over our waffles, I purposely keep the sweetness of the waffle itself to a minimum to balance out the flavours. If you prefer your waffles sweeter though, feel free to add in some sugar.

The instructions below are for the VonShef Quad Waffle Maker. If you have a different model, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions for scoop sizes and cooking times.

Makes 10-12 waffles (Serves: 3-4)

Hands-on time: 20 minutes    Ready in: 20 minutes

1 very ripe fresh or frozen banana, sliced into coins
180ml / 6 fl oz / ¾ cup soya milk
1½ tsp vanilla extract
4 TBSP syrup of choice (I use Clark’s Original Maple Carob Syrup)
2 TBSP rolled oats
135g / 4¾ oz / 1 cup fine wholemeal or chapatti flour (or gluten-free flour mix)
40g / 1½ oz / 1/3 cup cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
¼ tsp salt
Oil, for greasing

Walnuts, crushed
Toasted flaked almonds, crushed
Frozen raspberries, crushed
Maple syrup

Place the banana pieces, milk, vanilla extract, syrup and oats in a large bowl and whizz with a hand blender until smooth (alternatively use a jug blender). Sieve in the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt, and stir to combine. The batter should be thick, but pourable. Add a touch more milk if needed, to attain the desired consistency. (If you’re using GF flour, you will need around 4 tablespoons of extra liquid). Leave to rest for a few minutes (this can happen while the waffle maker heats up).

Using a silicone pastry brush, lightly coat the waffle quads with oil. When the waffle maker is hot, scoop 2 TBSP mixture into each of the four waffle quads. Close the lid and leave to cook for 3-4 minutes before checking (with the VonShef Waffle Maker, I leave the waffles until the green light goes out). The waffles are ready when they are lightly browned and firm to the touch. Carefully transfer the waffles to a wire cooling rack. Repeat the process until all the mixture is used.

Sprinkle with crushed nuts and raspberries. Drizzle with syrup and serve.

Stored in an airtight container, these waffles will keep for up to 3 days in the fridge. They also freeze well. Simply pop them in the toaster to warm through before serving.



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  1. Yummy Sharon, I love your waffle recipes though I’ve yet to make any. We bought a juicer for our Xmas present this year, maybe next year we will buy a waffle maker..

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