Maple Glazed Nuts

Today I have a delicious treat for you that takes only five minutes to prepare…

Maple Glazed Nuts

Mapled Glazed Almonds, Pecans & Walnuts

These taste SO good! And they’re packed with lots of nutty goodness 🙂

I’ve just made a fresh batch as a treat for Lil’ L and his friend when they get home from school.  I’m also going to bag some up for M to take out on his mountain bike rides this weekend.

As well as making a great post-school and exercise snack, they’re also the perfect snack to munch on at work to keep your energy levels up.

Be warned though, they are addictive and they will test your will power!  If (like me) you’re tempted to devour the whole lot in one go, I suggest bagging it up into individual size portions and hiding them 😉

Here’s how I make them…

[This recipe has been submitted to Ricki Heller #Wellness Weekend]

Mapled Glazed Nuts

Have a wonderful weekend everyone 🙂  xx