Maple Pecan Granola

Today, I’d like to share one of Lil’ L’s all-time favourite breakfasts.

I started making home-made granola about five years ago in response to Lil’ L’s dislike for the dried fruits that appear in shop-bought granolas.  After a week of picking out the raisins from a granola before serving it to him, I decided that life was far too short to waste time picking out dried fruit and that I would have a try at making my own granola instead!   By making it myself, I would be able to tailor the granola to suit all our tastes.  Lil’ L loves nutty granola, I love a mix of nuts and dried fruits, while M will eat anything 😉

Maple Pecan Granola

By making our own, we could also omit the refined sugars and oils that are found in shop-bought granolas and replace them with healthy, natural alternatives.

Maple Pecan Granola Ingredients

For breakfast, we love serving this granola with non dairy milk or yoghurt (Alpro’s Pouring Yoghurts are lush!)

Maple Pecan Granola

They also look great when layered with yoghurt and fruit in a parfait.  We serve these as breakfast, dessert or even a post-school snack.

Berry Granola Parfait

It’s so simple to make your own granola.  In fact, with very little assistance, the kids could easily make their own!  Lil’ L prefers his granola to be “chunky clusters” and we’ve found a simple method of doing this which we’ve set out below.

Maple Crunch Granola - 500 copy

Last Christmas, I thought I’d treat Lil’ L to some “luxury” shop-bought granola.  I bought two different brands for him, both of which included a selection of his favourite nuts and no dried fruits.  It turns out he didn’t like either of them as they were “way too sugary”!  Instead, he asked whether he could have some of our home-made granola.  Since we’d run out, he was even prepared to postpone his Christmas Day breakfast for 45 minutes until a fresh batch was baked!  I wasn’t expecting to be making granola on Christmas morning but I was happy to oblige. Thank goodness it only takes a few minutes to prepare!  We won’t be buying shop-bought granolas any more.  Home made is best by a long shot!

And if you like chocolate, how about trying our chocolate clusters? Totally scrumptious and perfect for breakfasts, snacks and desserts 🙂

Chocolate Clusters

Chocolate Clusters

Have a great weekend everyone xx

Do you make your own granolas?  If so, what is your favourite flavour combination? If you have any published recipes, please do link up below. 

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17 Responses to Maple Pecan Granola

  1. Oh this is an easy recipe..PLUS I have everything at the house. This would make the perfect snack to take with me on our weekend trip to the beach.

    Hopefully I will be able to carve time out tonight to put this together.

    I had to laugh at your comment about Christmas. How funny that Lil’ L was willing to put everything on hold so that he could have exactly the granola he wanted. I don’t know too many kids who unwilling to compromise.

    I hope he enjoyed it and that you still had a fabulous Christmas morning.

    Have a wonderful weekend Sharon 🙂
    Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family recently posted..The Weekend is Here…almostMy Profile

  2. Sharon, this looks gorgeous. I’m a big granola lover but am yet to make my own.

    I love that your little one thought the shop bought variety was too sugary and preferred your homemade one. That’s fantastic.

    Where do you get your coconut sugar from?
    Nikki @ The Road to Less Cake recently posted..WIAWMy Profile

  3. this looks so delicious, I have made some before but they never last very long 😛
    Lauren (@Poweredbypb) recently posted..Brief Boston ThoughtsMy Profile

  4. I’ve tried granola a few times but I’m not overly a fan of it compared to plain oats! Will have to give it another try since its been a few years 🙂

  5. Those look like proper clumps of oaty goodness! So often I see a granola recipe and it looks too loose for me so I’ve not baked any for yonks. I know coconut oil is healthy stuff, I just never have any in (only do a wholefood shop once every few months) do you think bog standard neutral flavoured oil like sunflower or rapeseed would do instead here?

    On a totally unrelated matter, I wanted to offer you a challenge! I’ve been trying to bake vegan eggless cakes and so far so good, except with carrot cake. Two horrible failures to date and I’m actually a bit scared to try again!! Then I thought of you and the lovely vegan cakes you’ve posted here and wondered if you might have one up your sleeve somewhere (well, not literally of course as that would be a bit sticky – especially with icing, but y’know). I want a tray bake style vegan carrot cake, to cut into squares. Fancy working some magic and making a vegan carrot cake disaster zone (my kitchen), safe to bake in again? No pressure 😀
    Penniless Veggie recently posted..Four Vegan Favourites from Other People’s BlogsMy Profile

    • Yes, we like our granola nice and chunky in this house 😉 I’ve used rapeseed oil in this granola before and it worked fine (though it doesn’t enhance the flavour of the granola like virgin coconut oil does). Just make sure you press out the mixture really thin so that the middle cooks through. The granola will be soft when you first get it out of the oven, but it’ll firm up on cooling.
      I’m sorry to hear about your carrot cake disasters. Are you sure it wasn’t just a case of moving the cake too soon (ie. before it had completely cooled?) I’ve had success at making vegan carrot cupcakes, so I wonder if the same recipe would work as a tray bake? I’ll give it a try and let you know! x

      • That would be great! I actually tried another carrot cake recipe yesterday and it, like the other two, ended up just like a gluey dough-like consistency inside. I’m concerned that my oven is too cool in the centre to cook cake batter well (and even my bread can come out a bit doughy), but if I put them high in the oven of course they burn on top. Someone on a list somewhere suggested placing a pizza stone on the bottom of the oven to help the heat radiate more evenly throughout. Though it might be time to invest in a new gas oven (I’m not a big fan of electric anyway.) Anyhow, sorry for waffling on about my baking woes, I do look forward to hearing back about your carrot cake tray bake. Hopefully if anything’s going to work out for me, it’ll be a tray bake as they’re less dense than proper cakes.
        Penniless Veggie recently posted..Four Vegan Favourites from Other People’s BlogsMy Profile

  6. Robyn

    This looks so delicious and a lot easier than most other recipes on the blogosphere! If it’s not too much bother, I would appreciate you putting the ingredients into grams for us – it would make me a lot less paranoid the first time I try making it!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Now this looks like a perfect way to start the day! 🙂

  8. Candy

    Hi Sharon! I just made your granola and thought I’d say hello! I bought some beautiful berries at the farmers market today and am excited for tomorrow’s breakfast already. I thought some granola would be nice on my yogurt/fresh berry parfait. I have this recipe pinned on my Pinterest board and refer to it whenever I want a tried and true (and healthful) granola. I haven’t had time to comment much lately but I am still reading–and loving!–all of your posts! Take care!

    • So lovely to hear from you Candy! It’s always a pleasure to see pics of you & the boys when they crop up in my FB newsfeed ♥
      I hope you like the granola! Lil’ L has hinted numerous times over the past couple of weeks how he’d really like some granola for breakfast. We used to make it all the time but lately I’ve just not got round to it. I’ll put things right this weekend and make a big batch. It doesn’t take much effort does it?
      BTW, I’ve been testing all my pancakes recipes with GF flour and they’ve all worked out perfectly! 😀 When I get a spare mo, I’ll update all the recipes.
      Here’s wishing you & the family a wonderful weekend ♥ xx

  9. Jo Hutchinson

    This looks wonderful, thank you for sharing.

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