Raw Chocolate Almond Fudge Hearts

This summer, M and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary

Apparently, this anniversary is traditionally celebrated with a gift made of steel. Check out the gift he bought me…

11 Years Anniversary Gift 2

The boy sure knows me well 😉

I knew exactly what I was going to make with this cutter. For Valentine’s Day, I’d made some Raw Chocolate Pecan Brownie Hearts.  M loved them, but Lil’ L found them a bit too rich for his palate. I like to think of them as a ‘sophisticated’ raw brownie, reserved for grown ups.

Raw No Bake Chocolate Pecan Brownie Heart

With my anniversary gift, I decided to be a bit more inclusive; share the love wider; and make treats that they would both enjoy.  And here they are:

Chocolate Fudge Heart 2 500 copy

These hearts are sweet, chocolatey and ‘fudgey’, yet not too rich.

The inspiration for them was the crust on my Chocolate Lime Cashew “Cheese” Cake. One day I was daydreaming while making it and accidentally left the food processor on too long. Instead of crumbs, I ended up with a big ball of fudgey dough. It might not have been what I was intending to make, but it tasted scrumptious none the less. Thankfully most of my kitchen accidents have a way of working out 😉

I’m pleased to say that Lil’ L loves these hearts as much as we do. I now keep a stash in the freezer, ready for when friends drop by. They go down a treat with a cup of coffee!

Here’s how I make them:

This recipe has been submitted to Ricki Heller’s Wellness Weekend


Have you had any kitchen disasters that you’ve managed to turn into successes? My most memorable was a baked chocolate brownie that didn’t set at all. I ended up scraping into bowls and calling it a pudding. It was actually really yummy. So glad I didn’t throw it in the bin!


Chocolate Valentines Treats

I can’t believe it’s February already!  This  means that in just two weeks’ time it’s Valentine’s Day .  I love this day because it gives us a great excuse to indulge our loved ones with some delicious chocolatey treats.  This year, I thought I would make my Valentines treats in advance so that I could share the recipes with you and demonstrate how easy they are to make 🙂

The chocolate goodies I have for you today are dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free.  They taste decadent yet they’re healthy. What better way to treat those we love?

Home-made desserts and treats tend to taste way nicer than the shop bought, mass manufactured varieties, and all that thought and effort that you put into making a home-made Valentines gift is bound to win you some brownie points with your loved ones.  And talking of brownies…

How about making some Chocolate Pecan Brownie Hearts?

Raw No Bake Chocolate Pecan Brownie Heart - 500

These raw / no bake brownies have a beautiful, sophisticated taste, which makes them perfect for our grown up loved ones.

And making them could not be easier!

Another of my favourite raw / no bake chocolate treats is the Chocolate Cashew “Cheese” Cake.  This is a delicious, dairy-free alternative to the traditional cheese cake.  It also happens to be one of Lil’ L’s favourite desserts so I’ve made two hearts this year…

One topped with red currants and raspberries glazed in natural syrup for M…

Raw No Bake Chocolate Cashew Cream Cake with Berries - 500 1

And a heart topped with grated chocolate for Lil’ L 🙂

Raw No Bake Chocolate Cashew Cream Cake - 500 2

These treats are incredibly simple to make, yet look very professional indeed.  I’m sure they’ll be a huge hit with your loved ones, whatever their age!

Here’s how to make them:

I always buy the Asian branded raw cashews and almonds from the World Food aisles as they tend to be way cheaper than the nuts you find in the home baking section. If you click on the ingredient links above you’ll be able to compare the prices.

I know that some of you are going to be way too busy to make home-made treats so, if you find you’re struggling for time, you can always cheat and buy online instead! You can check out this valentine’s offers shelf for inspiration on chocolates, candles, wine and champagne gifts.

I’ve got some more easy home-made Valentines treats coming up next week, including a scrumptious chocolate giveaway 😉  I’ll meet you back here very soon! xx

[These recipes have been submitted to Ricki Heller’s #Wellness Weekend]

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